Work For Yourself & Start Your Own Pop-up Bookshop

Working for yourself can be the long lost boost you have been looking. Being self employed has been a way of life for for me for the past 20 years and I am proud to be part of a massive team of people who retail some of the most wonderfully illustrated and beautifully written books that is sure to engage even the most active of child.

As part of a British company trading for over 40 years, we believe in offering inspiring, high quality books that are available for you to retail via online sales or direct to customers through social media, book parties or to other parents at school. The best part of working for yourself is it works for you as hard as you work for it. No tricks, no scams, no monthly running costs, no targets to hit, just a proven business module that works.

Watch the presentation below and see how much you can do with your life in 2017…


An Independent You

Taking control of your time is important, you will still be the same mum that makes the pack-ups, does the school run and does all the other fun things your kids love, however once those duties are done you deserve to have something to do that’s is just yours. Taking control of your income is an amazing feeling, whether you are supplementing an existing part-time or full time job, looking to keep you busy while the kids are in school during the day or even something to do on social media – the choice is actually yours.

Maybe you just want to increase your weekly income by £50, earn that little extra to fund a holiday or if you really want to get back into full time work if your children are ready for flying the nest to college you maybe want to increase your income to be totally self sufficient. All of this is possible with Usborne and how you achieve that is entirely up to you. However you choose to work you will have total support not only from me but also access to online groups full of other people just like you and me – all enjoying some kind of activity telling and selling Usborne books.

Organisers Stories

Having been self-employed for the past 20 years, I have always had the benefit of working around my personal and social life. This has worked extremely well for a long time and has given me a sense of purpose. However, like all good things work started to decline in recent years and the struggle to compete became a chore and I was no longer enjoying being self-employed.

A few years ago i started looking frantically to supplement my income so that I could still provide for my son. I applied for everything, telesales, tech support, driving; none of which didn’t allow me the freedom to be at home when my son needed me.

I joined Usborne Books for Home & School on January 1st and haven’t looked back. With no targets to hit or deadlines to reach i just threw myself in and got my orders going. My main aim is to be able to offer free books to local schools and sell from my own website – as a result of this aim i have sold over £600 of books resulting in me not only receiving and extra £50 of free books but i also got my £38 joining fee back…

My update – I am now in my 4th month as an Independent Usborne Organiser and i absolutely love it. During March i had 4 people join my team, however one decided that it wasn’t for her as she had prior commitments and she didn’t continue – which is totally fine. There is never any pressure, its really what suits you. I have also helped a local school receive over £350 of free books during World Book Month. I am still looking forward and during the summer i will be taking my books to a weekend event at the Winterton Show in July…I dont work every day, some days i post adverts and new books from my phone to my facebook group while i am waiting to pick up my son from school. Orders i deliver to parents either at school or i drop them off on the way – others i post direct.

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I’m 37, have two children (4 & 1) and a stepson (10). I work part-time, do all the admin for our family business AND, I am an Independent Usborne Organiser.

Working with Usborne feels like a hobby, I am meeting new people, visiting mother and baby groups and schools and having fun. I am finally doing something rewarding for ME!

Not only does it benefit the children by the masses of free books I have access to, but I AM GETTING PAID!

Would you like to join me? Please contact me if you would like further information.

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You can view this simple information leaflet that may help you a little more it the “Opportunity booklet” and you can read the online version by clicking the link Usborne Books at Home & More

If you have read all that you need to show you that jumping into a wonderful world of children’s books is right for you and your family and would like to join as a new distributor please click the link to go back to our Facebook page and leave your name and location and one of our team will contact you with all the information you need to get your £150 of free books flying to you within the next few days. Again thank you for your time and we look forward to welcoming you.

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